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About Us

Who We Are
               We have witnessed what the power of the Dogecoin community can do when we unite and work together as a whole to Do Only Good Everyday, and to be quite honest, WE'RE INSPIRED! 
               We bring to you this beautifully crafted merch store like no other, with incredible quality and top selling items that makes any doge and space fanatic say WOW! This outlet was created by the DogeArmy, for the Doge Army, so it's only right that WE ACCEPT DOGE and encourage other entities to do so as well.  
              Each purchase qualifies for a FREE Dogegoin Gemz NFT, in which first supplies are limited to only 420 NFTs, so make sure to act fast and claim your special gift. We wish you to become an early HODLer of our work and be part of such an important cause all powered by the Dogecoin family!
***for more information on how to claim your FREE NFT please look under the 'NFT' tab*** 
              Portion of all proceeds will go to Ronald McDonald House Charities which provide a comfortable home-away-from-home for families who must travel to fulfill their children's healthcare needs. Growing up with an ill sibling, I saw how my parents would struggle and stress over medical bills, so them being able to stay in a place like RMCH made a world of a difference to them and my sister. This is how we Do Only Good Everyday, if we can make a difference in the life of a family in need, that would be a job well done. Having a sick child is hard enough on a family, worrying about housing expenses while they travel to fight for their child's life is something they shouldn't have to do. This is where the doge community comes to the rescue, your purchase today will go towards helping families in need, come be part of such meaningful cause today!
With love,

Jean Guerra
Dogecoin Gemz

Pam Salinas
Dogecoin Gemz

Jaime Antonio Guerra
Logistics Analyst 
Dogecoin Gemz

Malav Karkar
Logo Graphic Designer
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